Gladstone Clinic - Don't Trust Hayes Gladstone of Stanford


He had butchered my dear friend's nose just like that.During consultation he says there will be a only small scar.

He told her he can do reconstruction but apparently he can not. Traumatized her with his non-stop mohs surgery for three days with one week apart of waiting period which does not appear in her pathology report. Had left her in misery disfigured after the surgery. Had threatened her so that she will come back for more mohs surgery.

He also threatened her thru their lawyer not to post any complaint in the Internet.Beware of him.



I have been seeing Dr. Gladstone for more than ten years and his work is outstanding. No Doctor is perfect and I would never mean to demean your situation but I have had five procedures done by him and every Doctor who has seen the work he has done, including another dermatologist confirmed he does excellent work.

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I went to Dr.Gladstone as well.

I spent $4000 on laser treatments for rosacea, and my face is as red as ever. After he took all the money, he said he couldn't help me anymore.

I guess I should be happy he didn't take any more of my money.I just wish he would have said something two or three thousand dollars into the process.

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He sure helped me with my red face.It's called V-beam.

Your face will turn purple for a week, but after that you look great for a few years till a tune up needed.The better care you take of your face, the longer the results last.

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One comment about money you spent.Dr.

Gladstone did not own the practice where you had your procedure done. Therefore, he did not set the price. Dr. Gladstone invested and continues to invest a lot of his own money and time to go to undeserved countries to help people and teach other surgeons.

Check Blade and

He also was volunteering to work for free at a VA hospital for 11 years every Sunday to help people who don't have insurance or money to pay.

I don't think I need to elaborate any more here....


Dermatologist aren\'t plastic surgeons but after they make a wound on your face they want the extra cash so they do what they call \"skin tissue re-arrangement\".The results can be horrible, as in your wife\'s case.

The dermatologist tell you they won\'t know the size of the wound until after the MOHs part of the surgery but that isn\'t true. Gladstone\'s webpage says he has done over 20,000 MOHs so you can imagine that he just become a money making machine. I\'m sorry your wife did not have a good plastic surgeon waiting to close the wound Gladstone cut.

The results would have been so much better.It sounds like she really didn\'t get true \"informed consent\" as Gladstone should have told her the wound could be quite large and she should have a plastic surgeon ready to close.

to Daviscreek #906951

He is a plastic surgeon.And a very good one.

The scars after his surgeries are hardly noticeable.

There plenty of before and after photos to prove it.Some people are not happy with anything and not being realistic.

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